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Premium Grade Arduino Compatible Microcontrollers, Shields, and Accessories

Rugged Circuits products are designed and manufactured in the USA with built-in protective circuits and performance enhancing features that put them a level above standard Arduino devices.  We have invented a "RUGGEDIZED" market for those customers that need a more robust higher quality Arduino based solution.  Our products are specifically designed to offer greater performance, last longer, and operate in environments where standard equipment fails.  Our devices are not simply clones.   The circuitry has been modified to protect the device against ESD, reverse voltage, over/under voltage, over/under current which occur naturally in the environment and by user mistake.  Please reference our comparison chart for ALL of the benefits.  Make it Once.  Make it Rugged.

With everything in life you get what you pay for and Rugged Circuits products are no exception.  Our microcontrollers are there for those who want the added insurance our designs provide.  Our customers want devices that don't fail, and not something that they have to replace over and over and over.  So whether you are monitoring sensors in the arctic and need a controller that operates down to -40C, that you don't want to design around a fragile clone and replace repeatedly, integrating with industrial controls in harsh environments where 24V connectivity and ESD protection is needed and can't afford downtime, or producing a product for market and want to reduce failure rates and uphold your important reputation, Rugged Circuits has you covered.  


We have thousands of satisfied customers since 2007 and rapidly gaining more.  Have a look, we can help!


Rugged Circuits also offers custom design services with manufacturing capability.







Rugged Circuits introduces the NEW Rugged MEGA ST (Screw Terminal) and Rugged MEGA ET ST.  Ideal for industrial based applications.  Provides instant, secure, convenient connections integrated directly to PCB. 


Ruggeduinos are Back In Stock

The Ruggeduino SE and Ruggeduino ET are back in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  Rugged MEGAs are expected to be back in approximately 1 week.


Incredible Customers & Incredible Reception

We can't thank our customers enough for their support!  We incorporate industrial grade robustness into Arduino platforms and the demand has never been greater.  Thank you for spreading the word and utilizing our tried and true designs.  Several of the Rugged Circuit products are being leveraged by our customers quicker than they can be produced.  As a result several of our items on our site are temporarily "Out of Stock".  Please contact us to place an order via back-order to secure a position in fulfillment.


The Rugged Ultimate Stack!

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor.  The Rugged Ultimate Stack leverages three of our robust hardware solutions to give you the Ultimate in performance and durability.  The Rugged MEGA provides ultimate I/O flexibility, 2560 processing power, and a multitude of safeguards which extend protection to micro and the shields.  The QuadRAM lends increased processing power and maximum headroom for demanding applications and larger sized sketches.  The 24V Industrial I/O Shield tops everything off with 24V connectivity.  The Rugged Ultimate Stack offers PLC like control from an Arduino based solution!  


Rugged Circuits Apparel.  We have had requests for some COOL Rugged gear including hats and T-Shirts.  If interested send us an email and we can gauge the level of interest.  Let us know what you would be interested in, hats, T-Shirts or both.  Kindly Email to voice your opinion.


New Photos and information added to the 24V Industrial Shield Page.  Check out all the great features this shield provides for integrating with 24V Signals.



NEW PRODUCT- 24V Industrial I/O Shields now in stock.  PLC features and flexibility on an Arduino platform!  Product page has been updated with new features, specifications, and photos.  Great for integrating with 24V Sensors.



NEW PRODUCT- MEGA Aussie Shield Pro is here.  35mm standard DIN Rail Mounting for Industrial applications.  Provides instant clean access to ALL Mega pins.



Ruggeduinos are back in stock and now shipping.  Thank you to all for your support and patience.  


Now Offering Weatherproofing Conformal Coating on Ruggeduino SE, Ruggeduino ET, Rugged MEGA, and Rugged MEGA ET Microcontrollers.  Suitable for harsh environments- high moisture, temperature fluctuations, humidity, condensation etc.  Please email for a quote.  


The Ruggeduino-SE and Ruggeduino-ET are BETTER than EVER.  Improved power supply, Rock-Solid Analog Reference, and USB Reset.  Same GREAT Price.  Click for more details.



The NEW Rugged MEGA Extended Temperature.

The Rugged MEGA and Rugged MEGA ET have been updated to "Industrial Ready" status.  The power supplies have been carefully modified and tested to achieve even greater performance and reliability.  The new sections are more efficient, quieter, more robust, and operate more consistently across the entire operating voltage range.  Output current has doubled from 150mA to 300mA at 3.5V input and up to 500mA with 24V input.  ET versions have carefully selected components to obtain a -40C rating making  it ideal for arctic and automotive applications where temperatures plummet to -40C.  The Rugged MEGA and MEGA ET are truly unique in that they are the only Arduino based platforms that can operate up to 30V and down to -40C.  Now that's COOL!


Why Rugged Circuits?

The videos show the "little things" that go into the the thought process and design of our products to make "big differences" in performance and reliability.   Inspired by our "10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino" these videos provide an in depth look at just how easy it is to damage a standard Arduino and how we have thoughtfully created a superior solution.  The Ruggeduino SE/ET and Rugged MEGA PROTECT you from ALL 10 methods of destruction.  The protective features of Ruggeduino and Rugged MEGA make them the ideal Arduino UNO and MEGA derivative board.   Rugged products will outlast and outperform regular Arduino boards and save you time and money.  Our products are not just intended to safeguard against mistakes, they are designed to endure grueling environments. 

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The Rugged Circuits Advantage



Rugged Circuits (Protected)   VS   Standard (Unprotected)

Which would you prefer at the end of the day?  Peace of mind or a Piece of Toast? 

Your project is important.  We understand.  Disaster is only 1 mistake away with unprotected devices.  Rugged Circuits products offer many advantages over standard Arduino devices to vastly increase reliability, durability, and performance.  Choose Rugged Circuits to reduce downtime, increase efficiency, and positively impact your bottom line.