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Our philosophy is to provide ruggedized, durable, and innovative solutions for customers who need more from the Arduino platform.  We started by designing our products with as many protective features as possible.  These safety features protect against user mistakes and environmental stressors- ESD, vibration, power surges/brownout, atmospheric variables, temperature, to name only a few.  

Next we decided to handcraft the equipment in Grand Rapids, Michigan in the United States.  Rather than mass producing products elsewhere, we carefully craft the hardware with some aspects completed by hand.  Our manufacturing runs total in the hundreds, and not the thousands.  Doing this allows us to continually refine the products to keep them as advanced as possible with the highest performance specs and keep pricing low.  We always try to keep enough product in stock, but at times our products may go out of stock temporarily as we adjust to the demand.  Always feel free to contact us to see when an out of stock item will be replenished.

Marketing wise we do not advertise-it is 100% word of mouth recommendations from our customers.  We pride ourselves in our large and growing customer base and the truly inspiring applications which the Rugged brand is integrated.  We are so very proud of our customers and thank them for the support they provide and their efforts to promote the Rugged Circuits brand across forums and within the community.  Each and every word of mouth recommendation is so greatfully appreciated.  For that we pledge to keep prices low and continue to provide our great customers with great products.  THANK YOU TO ALL!  



The videos below are an interesting watch that showcase the benefits and careful consideration that goes into the design of our Rugged Made in America products.  




Open Source Hardware Group offers an exciting and informative collection of easy to follow Arduino Videos, Arduino Projects, and Arduino Training Courses.  A HUGE thank you for their wonderful videos.





In the Press



Catalina Computing 

Catalina Computing was featured in Raspberry Pi Geek magazine ( in Magazine #5 in a project called Home Automation.  The Ruggeduino and Aussie Shields form the foundation for this project.  A great read. Featured Site of the Day- Rugged Circuits