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Seneca Dairy Systems is a leader in providing goods and services for the agricultural industry.  Including very high tech tools.

As a result, we engage in a tremendous amount of R&D for new product development as well as rapid turn custom mechanical and control designs.  This naturally leads to the need to do rapid prototyping of all kinds of automation and control projects. These products are put to the test in some of the harshest environments for automation controls to operate in.  Electrical noise, electrical supply fluctuations, large changes in temperature over short periods, and other environmental issues are just a few of the challenges we face. 

This is where the Rugged products have come to the forefront.  We create all microprocessor code in house.  We have the ability to load the Rugged Microprocessor products with our own code using the common tools from Amtel and others.  Also, if we wished we could use the very common and well supported Arduino IDE for development.

These products have the added bonus of industrial strength IO.  This has saved us a tremendous amount of time and development dollars.  We have been pleased with build quality of these components as well. 

Thanks for a great product!

Ron Park

Sr Controls and Automation Engineer

Seneca Dairy Systems



Boise Aviation Services


Boise Aviation Services needed to interface a Rugged MEGA with several 28-volt aircraft systems.  One of the largest concerns that we had was damaging the controller due to voltage transients that are common in aircraft environments.

We explained our concerns to Rugged Circuits and they designed and had fabricated a custom board for us that included numerous 28-volt inputs and 28-volt outputs.  The board also level-shifted and filtered analog inputs and protected all signals from voltage transients.

We have used the Rugged Circuit's board on numerous aircraft that have accumulated hundreds of flight hours.  To date, the Rugged Circuits’ board, which was interfaced with the Rugged MEGA, has operated flawlessly.  There has not been a single failure.  Rugged Circuit’s board worked correctly from day one.  No redesign was required.

The combination of Rugged Circuit’s design and fabrication skills together with their intimate familiarity with the Rugged MEGA, enabled Boise Aviation Services to successfully complete our project on time and under budget. 

I whole heartedly recommend Rugged Circuits for such projects.



Hoyt Fleming


Boise Aviation Services

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We are constantly asked to push the limits for smaller and smaller electronic installations. The Ruggeduino MINIs allow us to meet those expectations while still having the power of the Ruggeduino UNO. It's been a great addition to our toolset.

Tom Knabe


Knabe Labs


For any mission-critical build, the few dollars more for a Ruggeduino vs a generic Arduino is a no-brainer. It's not only cheap insurance, it's a better, sturdier part and it's built in the US. 

James Mack


Mediascape Interactive Media

Rugged Circuits is our go-to company for Arduino components. The durability of their designs are critical to our industrial and trade show applications, where an ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure.

Howard Luby


Mediascape Interactive Media

Finding Rugged Circuits was a huge development leap, saving months of time and tens of thousands of dollars.

The ST version let prototypes get out and tested, in an incredibly fast and cost-effective way. Extensive testing showed that these boards can be used for production runs, and they'll be used in an excessively aggressive application. I have deployed custom electronics into the worst environments on the planet, and I am confident that the Rugged products will do their job for years.

Further, the customer service (especially Jake) has been excellent from the start. From recommending parts, dealing with Canadian shipping, and working out production numbers for their inventory, they've been remarkably on-track and easy to work with.

Magnus McElroy

Electrical Engineer

(Industrial Corporation-Sensitive)