Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS-SE "Special Edition"

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Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS-SE "Special Edition"



Our Ruggeduino in Miniature.


“We are constantly asked to push the limits for smaller and smaller electronic installations. The Ruggeduino MINIs allow us to meet those expectations while still having the power of the Ruggeduino UNO. It's been a great addition to our toolset.” -Knabe Labs

Now with even more GPIO protection! The newest addition to our microcontroller product line is a POTENT POWER HOUSE!  We call it the Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS but there is nothing Mini about the feature set.  Engineered around the AVR® ATmega Microcontroller IC with 8-Bit 20MHz 32KB operation, this is essentially a Ruggeduino-SE in miniature.  Take note this is more than just a Mini.  It's a MINI SMALLS.  

Some of our customers asked for a smaller sized version of our very popular Ruggeduino-SE to allow them to squeeze all of the great features and reliability of a Ruggeduino into their compact design.  While challenging from an engineering standpoint, we listened.  The layout has been carefully designed to offer huge performance in a very compact yet efficient footprint.  The small size also packs a more powerful punch than standard Mini boards.  Here is the reason- standard Arduino Minis have a linear power supply which are not intended to be taxed.  When the current goes up the amount of heat produced increases drastically.  We have designed the Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS with a Switching Power Supply which is much more efficient and generates less heat and therefore capable of sourcing more current.  The PCB has also been carefully designed to dissipate heat better than a standard Mini which has a very small thermal mass to dissipate heat.  Overheating leads and Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS was designed to be keep its cool.  The result is the Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS can do things a Mini simply can not.

Operating voltage thresholds have also been increased to 28V to allow integration with 24V systems.  Again, standard Minis can not operate at this level.

We have taken what we have learned from the Ruggeduino-SE and rolled it into this great package measuring 1.4" X 2.16"





Rugged Circuits protection 

Efficient power supply

Increased operating voltage range

Increased GPIO functionality and voltage thresholds

Flexible header connectivity



AVR AVR® ATmega Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 32KB (16K x 16) FLASH 32-VQFN (5x5)

4.5V-28V Input Voltage

5V Logic

500 mA VUSB Protection

USB Overvoltage TVS

CP2104 USB -> Serial

2X6 Programming Header

VIN Overvoltage TVS


Power LED


Mounting Hole Diameter 3.5MM


Microcontroller Total Current Limiting

PTC and Zener Protection up to 24V on D0-D5 and A0-A5



The input thresholds for the microcontroller pins:

Guaranteed high at 0.7*VCC

Guaranteed low at 0.3*VCC

The microcontroller runs at VIN or VCC minus 0.3V with an upper limit of 5V.  If running off USB, that puts the thresholds at approximately (5-0.3)*0.7 = 3.29V, and (5-0.3)*0.3=1.41V

The microcontroller pins are rated to source an ABSOLUTE maximum of 40mA.  The PTCs on the protected pins will trip in the ~30mA range and start limiting current.

Operating Temperature -10C to +85C

Standardized Unprotected Pins D6-D13.  Populated with zero resistors and no diode for increased flexibility if protection is not required.  Please note that pins D6-D13 can be upgraded to "protected" status.  Contact us for more details.

Header outputs are on 0.100" Pitch.  Headers or pins are not included allowing users to custom tailor the board to their needs.  Connectivity options include: Bare, Pin Headers, Standard Headers, Stacking Headers, and Screw Terminals.



Standard 0.1 Pin Header Kit

Standard Headers- 6 and 8 Pin

Stacking Headers- 6 Pin and 8 Pin

ST Screw Terminal Kit

Please contact us if you need standard 6 and 8 position headers at this time.

**Please note the image which shows (Screw Terminal blocks) includes optional ST upgrade kit and is shown for demonstration purposes.  The Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS comes standard with no headers.



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