Rugged MEGA, QuadRAM, Ruggeduino ET, Breakout Boards, and More are on sale NOW until 12AM Tuesday!  Give the gift of MAKING this Holiday Season!


Building Great Products for GREAT CUSTOMERS Since 2007

Industrial Grade Performance and Reliability.  Used by Professionals.  Available and Affordable to ALL.


Rugged Circuits products are designed and built in the USA with built in protective circuits and performance enhancing features that put them a level above standard Arduino devices.  We have invented a "RUGGEDIZED" market for those customers who appreciate quality and need that something "EXTRA" to propel their efforts and projects to the next level.  Rugged Circuits products power thousands of professional applications across the country, and those same products are available to everyone-from the beginner just learning the very basics, to the Maker, to the Corporate Engineer!  We are here to make your projects better!   



The New Rugged MEGA - Runaway Best SELLER


The Next Level in Performance.  Industrial Ready Workhorse!

All the Great features of the Ruggeduino with increased ATmega2560 performance


10 Reasons to Consider Rugged Circuits


Inspired by our "10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino" these videos provide an in depth look at just how easy it is to fry your Arduino.  The Ruggeduino and Rugged MEGA PROTECT you from ALL 10 methods of destruction.  The protective features of Ruggeduino and Rugged MEGA make them the ideal Arduino UNO and MEGA derivative board.   They will outlast and outperform regular Arduino boards and save you time and money.

5 Ways to Destroy an Arduino



5 More Ways to Destroy an Arduino