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Industrial Strength Ruggedized Microcontroller BoardsMotor Controllers, ShieldsAccessories and Components for the Professional, Arduino and Maker Community.


When you NEED MORE than just a standard Arduino or shield choose Rugged Circuits.  Supplying Ruggedized protected electronics since 2007.  

Made in the USA






QuadRAM Shields are BACK




The Rugged MEGA mates the increased processing power and connectivity of the ATmega 2560 with all the great protection features of the Ruggeduino-SE.  Click for more details.   


10 Great Reasons to Consider the Rugged Circuits Equipment

A HUGE thank you to Open Source Hardware for putting together these great videos.  Inspired by our "10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino" these videos provide an in depth look at the safeguards built into the Ruggeduino.  These protective features make the Ruggeduino the ideal Arduino UNO derivative board intended to outlast and outperform standard boards.  The Ruggeduino takes your project to the next level.






We Make Great Products for Great Customers


Rugged Circuits products are not mass produced or constructed with cheap components.  We provide our customers with American crafted products constructed with high quality components.  Thank you to those who have helped promote the Rugged Circuits brand and what we stand for.  Your testimonials, forum interaction, and recommendations to other Arduino users is why we strive to make better products.





Many schools, colleges, and universities across the country are integrating the Ruggeduino, Rugged Motor Driver, and Rugged Circuits products into course curriculum.  Our innovative protective circuitry is ideal for students who are more prone to accidentally damaging hardware.  Protected hardware positively impacts the learning experience and fosters more confident exploration and lesson retention.  It also reduces the headache of equipment failure-no returns, downtime and reordering. 

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