Rugged DUAL DIN Kit

mega din 5.jpg
mega din 5.jpg

Rugged DUAL DIN Kit


Our Rugged Dual DIN Kit

Designed to work with:

Rugged MEGA

Rugged MEGA ET

Rugged MEGA-ST


Rugged MEGA Aussie Shield Pro ST

Modular Relay Board “AKA MRB”

Includes hardware to firmly affix the above hardware to standard 35mm DIN rail. Includes two specially designed mounts and 4 M5 fasteners.

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DIN Rail Solution for the Rugged MEGA, Rugged MEGA-ET, Rugged MEGA ST, and Rugged MEGA-ET ST.

This kit is also compatible with the Rugged MEGA Aussie Shield PRO ST.

The DIN Rail Mount for Rugged MEGA lets you mount your Rugged MEGA board to standard 35 mm DIN rail. The unit easily snaps on and off the DIN rail and can be assembled to face left/right.  Includes 2 mounting clips and 4 fasteners.  Ideal for industrial integration.