New Industrial MODULAR RELAY BOARD available!

Check out the MODULAR Advantages of this Rugged design. Start saving your company TIME and MONEY.





NEW SHIELDS Coming Soon!

Keep an eye on our website for updates on our NEW Industrial Arduino products.


Rave Reviews

The Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS is getting “Rave Reviews” from research facilities to product integrators.. Check out our updated testimonials page.


Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS- SE and ET 

That's right.  The Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS is now available in Special Edition and Extended Temperature versions.  New additions include even more protection on the GPIO pins!  Have a look at these new HOT SELLERS!  We are getting a lot of interest already.  Don't be late to the party on these, they will go quickly.  As always, MADE IN THE USA!





Introducing the NEW Ruggeduino-ET ST.  

A screw terminal version of our popular Ruggeduino-ET for extended temperature operation.





The Ruggeduino-SE ST Available and shipping immediately



The Ruggeduino-SE ST is available for Pre-Sale!  

Our customers voiced a need for a Ruggeduino ST and we listened.  If you see a need for a product or a variation of one of our products please let us know.   



The new Powerful Ruggeduino MINI SMALLS is Here. 

Packing the punch of the Ruggeduino into a smaller thermally optimized footprint for applications with size constraints.  Ideal for lightweight compact applications in rigorous environments.   


STEM Program ready.

Check out our line of Microcontroller Boards that are ideal for educational environments.  Our boards offer ESD protection which makes them transport friendly and built-in safeguards protect against accidental damage common with the learning experience.  Administrators can reduce long-term hardware investment with reduced product replacement. 



The NEW Industrial based Rugged MEGA Aussie Shield Pro ST Screw Terminal

Breakout Board with DIN Mount capability with specific industrial focus.  New updated screw terminals offer vice-like grip to keep your connections secure.



HAPPY NEW Year!  We look forward to making your New Year more successful!




Rugged Circuits introduces the NEW Rugged MEGA ST (Screw Terminal) and Rugged MEGA-ET ST.  Ideal for industrial based applications.  Provides instant, secure, convenient connections integrated directly to PCB. 


ULTIMATE 24V Connectivity!

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor.  The Rugged Ultimate Stack leverages three of our robust hardware solutions to give you the Ultimate in performance and durability.  The Rugged MEGA provides ultimate I/O flexibility, 2560 processing power, and a multitude of safeguards which extend protection to micro and the shields.  The QuadRAM lends increased processing power and maximum headroom for demanding applications and larger sized sketches.  The 24V Industrial I/O Shield tops everything off with 24V connectivity.  The Rugged Ultimate Stack offers PLC like control from an Arduino based solution!  



24V !?!?  Yes REALLY!

New Photos and information added to the 24V Industrial Shield Page.  Check out all the great features this shield provides for integrating with 24V Signals.




MEGA Aussie Shield Pro is here.  35mm standard DIN Rail Mounting for Industrial applications.  Provides instant clean access to ALL Mega pins.



Rugged MEGA-ET

The Rugged MEGA and Rugged MEGA-ET have been updated to "Industrial Ready" status.  The power supplies have been carefully modified and tested to achieve even greater performance and reliability.  The new sections are more efficient, quieter, more robust, and operate more consistently across the entire operating voltage range.  Output current has doubled from 150mA to 300mA at 3.5V input and up to 500mA with 24V input.  ET versions have carefully selected components to obtain a -40C rating making  it ideal for arctic and automotive applications where temperatures plummet to -40C.  The Rugged MEGA and MEGA-ET are truly unique in that they are the only Arduino based platforms that can operate up to 30V and down to -40C.  Now that's COOL!