Aussie Shield Kit


Aussie Shield Kit

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(Pssst! Tired of soldering? Get our fully-assembled Aussie Shield Pro.)

The Aussie Shield is the shield that sits “down under”. It is compatible with the Ruggeduino, Arduino Uno, Duemilanove, and Mega boards (and other compatible boards). The microcontroller board plugs in upside down, and the shield extends the connection pins out to 28 quick-connect terminals that accept 20AWG to 24AWG wire. Unlike screw terminals, these quick-connect terminals require no tools -- just push, insert wire, and release. Use the Aussie Shield for easy breadboarding, swapping Arduinos in fixed lab or art installations, using stacking shields standalone without an Arduino, or cross-wiring shield pins. It can also be mounted to DIN rail for industrial installations.

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The Aussie Shield Kit includes:

  • Aussie Shield PCB
  • Two sets of 8-pin 0.1” pin headers
  • Two sets of 6-pin 0.1” pin headers
  • Two sets of 8-pin quick-connect terminals for 20AWG-24AWG wire
  • Two sets of 6-pin quick-connect terminals for 20AWG-24AWG wire

This product is sold in kit form; all of the parts must be assembled together. This requires soldering 8 through-hole connectors for a total of 56 pins. If you want a fully-assembled product you can purchase our Aussie Shield Pro, which also includes all of the Aussie Shield Upgrade Kit functionality.

Also see our Quick Shield product for similar functionality.

Upgrade Kit

The Aussie Shield Upgrade Kit provides additional functionality including standalone operation, a reset switch and indicator LED.

DIN Rail Mount

The Aussie Shield DIN Rail Mount Kit allows you to mount your Aussie Shield assembly to standard DIN rail.